50K or Bust

from the mind of a novelist on nano

19 November 1988
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My name is Heather (AKA Isi) and I am an incurable NaNoWriMo participant (check out www.nanowrimo.org if you're not familiar with the challenge). I have created this blog in order to share with the world my progress and downfalls during the madness each November. Entries will remain public during NaNo, but some time afterwards I will change it to LJ friends only, just to keep things neat.

For NaNo 2009, I will be writing some kind of whacked out blend of gameshow insanity and (hopefully) humor, starring your host, Chad McClatchy. Joined by his lovely assistant Joanne "Jo" Ludibaker, he will finally have a whole 50000 words of his own (instead of mere short stories or guest roles in other novels, like 2007's Mission Implausible). But trouble looms, as trouble is wont to do; things that can't be fixed by going to a quick commercial break. Among them, an old enemy from beyond this dimension, fresh competition in show business, and there's something about a cult of gothic clowns that's more than slightly disconcerting.... And there's always Chad's evil twin, last seen transformed into a possessed sock puppet (long story). Find out how this all makes sense this November!!