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WIN. 50270.

So there it is. 50,000 words in under 30 days, fourth year running. There is that slight setback that those 50K words are half one story and half another, but bizarre things happened, and I kept writing anyway. Who's going to hold that against me?



I am officially CAUGHT UP.

So yeah, exciting. I don't think I've ever been behind for that long before. Now my next problem is staying caught up, now that I don't have the extra motivation of "I'm still behind gotta get these words in." I'd also like it if I finished a day or two before the 30th. I like doing this to make sure I get validated on time, and also because a lot of people I know already have their purple winner bars and that makes me jealous. I'm so petty.

Day... goodness, day 24?

So apparently I was off in my calculations of how long it would take me to catch up by writing 2K a day, so I went for a 3K day and hit 40K a little while ago. \o/

Now I hope I can figure out what happens next before my next writing session. I've pretty much caught up with what's been going on in my head.


Finally some good news.

I'll admit it: I had some serious doubts that my new idea was going to last me the necessary remaining 25000 words, but I've got hope now. I've even got a nice rhythm going, doing two sessions of 1000 words per day, and it's been going pretty well. If I keep up this 2K a day I'll be back on schedule by Tuesday.


Here's what's been going on:

I got so fed up with Behind the Curtain that I stopped writing it at slightly over 25K.

After some deliberating I decided to pick up with a new project-- a fantasy idea that takes place in a world I came up with over the summer-- and just hope I can make it last another 25K.

With what I've written on that added to what I had on BtC, I currently have 29,300 words, putting me about two days behind schedule. It's almost amusing watching my NaNo daily progress chart spaz out. I'll be sure to take a screen shot of it at the end of the month.

We're only at the end of week 3. Anything can still happen.


You know when I said a few posts back that writing was slow going, but it wasn't because I was out of ideas or I hated my story?

I'm out of ideas and I hate my story.


Half point shout out!

25K! I also have my first appearance of ninjas. They're a musical group.

In other news, does anyone even read this? I think everyone I linked forgot to check back after the first post.


Earlier today I was planning on coming in here and complaining how my novel is going nowhere, nothing is very interesting and I am a talentless hack and should quite while I'm ahead. This is exactly what happened last year with the disaster that was NaNo '08, though I was stubborn enough to drag myself to its awful conclusion past the 50K mark.

Hopefully I won't have to drag myself through the whole second half of the month.

I went to a write in today, and I think it helped, being around other writers and in an atmosphere that was just distracting enough that I wouldn't notice how awful the words were as they appeared on the screen. I also got a score sheet that has dares on one side, so I threw some of those in for good measure. But I wrote 2000 words today. This is promising, and I may or may not have established a new direction to go in. It's a little too early to say.
Today was National Distract Isi From Her Novel Day, and I didn't even mind. I've been having plot problems and I'm not sure if it's going anywhere anymore. Well, more like I was approaching the writing from the wrong direction or something. Anyway, I thought it'd be nice to get away for a few hours, but I was already plotting my next move, something that involved me getting back to the things I enjoy writing about. There are two of my NaNo novels that I really enjoyed, and they both have a very specific thing in common that the others didn't have:

They're meta.

Plot Holes from '05 was made of meta-fictional concepts. There was a runaway muse, a grouchy inner editor, a parody of a Mary Sue, plot bunnies and plot ninjas galore, not to mention the plot holes being a major plot point, as contradictory as that is. Mission Implausible from '07 was a little more subtle on the meta aspects, but not by much. The plot was to "save the plot" and I kept referring to a mysterious "Management," which was essentially me, the author.

When I was planning Behind the Curtain, while I wanted something humorous, I didn't want to go meta this time and break the fourth wall every other page, I guess just because I wanted to prove I could. But apparently I can't, so things are going to be a little different from now on.

I began by calling my characters in for a Character Council Meeting do discuss the issues with the plot.

And this scene was by far the easiest part of this novel to write so far.Collapse )


It must be week 2.

I'm having another slow, unmotivated day, blarg. I'm on the teetering edge of 15K but can't quite make it there, making my words today under 1000 when I wanted 2000. I'm wondering if I should let myself slow down or even (gasp!) fall behind schedule and then write like mad later on when something hits, but mostly I'm just saying that because I like the idea of making a comeback. The rest of me would rather keep a two day lead, though the way I'm going, it's down to a one day lead.